Samsung SmartThings

Connect, automate, and manage all your appliances and electronics with a single, easy-to-use app. Because smart should be simple, however many devices you bring home.

​ SmartThings Hub is the Brain of your SmartHome, It connects wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and makes them work together. Including lights, cameras, locks, thermostats, sensors, Sound Systems, Voice Assistants and much more......

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Samsung’s SmartThings range features a number of clever products that will transform your home into a modern, smart home. Wireless routers, motion sensors and smart hubs will help you to create a home that is both efficient and intelligent.

Smart wireless routers
Samsung offers premium wireless routers for those looking to boost their home WiFi coverage. SmartThings routers use multiple access points to eliminate dead zones and ensure a stable network. A unique aspect of this system is that it’s constantly improving, thanks to its self-optimizing technology.

Samsung SmartThings wireless router comes with a variety of different features that give you control over your home WiFi network. You can even freeze the network entirely for certain devices. This is especially useful for managing your children’s online usage and trying to get them to do their homework or head to bed.

Smart sensors
Samsung offers a variety of different smart sensors. The SmartThings Motion Sensor activates other smart devices when motion is detected. For instance, you could set a lightbulb to switch on every time you walk into the room. Not only is this quicker, but it’s also more efficient, and can help lower your energy bill. It is also super cool, adding a little futuristic feel to your home.

Samsung also offers handy devices for home management. The SmartThings Water Leak Sensor is one of them. This handy little temperature sensing device will send instant alerts to your smartphone whenever it detects a leak. It’s neat and compact, which means you can place it in hidden, inconspicuous places. You may not think of this as an everyday ‘helpful’ device, but when it does work, you’ll be thankful it was there.

A Samsung SmartThings ecosystem
One of the great things about these Samsung smart home products is their compatibility with other connected home brands. They’ll work in tandem with the Google Assistant and Bixby, as well as tons of other smart home products. This allows you to create an efficient, interconnected smart home ecosystem that is right for you.