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ZHOME is the expert for all connected life products. We are the First complete platform and solution provider for products and services that make your home smarter and your life more connected!

Until now, there has been no trusted platform to help you navigate the thousands of smart products, platforms and applications. With Z HOME, we have created a platform to do exactly this.

 ZHOME is your best partner in your Smart Home and connected life journey, whether you search for  Smart products to your current house, want a complete solution for your new home, or need some technical advice from trusted source ZHome is here for you to make your decisions and life easy!

        ZHome Difference

              Working Together

       Top Quality products & applications

    ZHome offers only trusted and tested high quality products! so users can save their time and energy searching for products . We are official resellers and certified Installers of the biggest brands in connected home technologies. We pay particular attention to (among other things) how simple a product is to install and the value for money which a connected home product offers.

               Customer Service Rep

           Genuine Support  &premium Services

Our experienced service team is there for you any time by phone, chat or email for FREE to advice you and make it easy to buy, install or configure your products. What's more, to give you the best experience, we offer Functional Guarantee with all our products and on site installation service that comes directly to your home, plus wide range of premium services to match all your needs.

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          Best customised packages& proposals

ZHome offers free proposal customised for different customers needs, just answer some basic questions and receive your FREE offer with installations included. We also offer exclusive complete and ready packages that fits different needs, so customers get peace of mind! ZHome gives you more for less. Free delivery to your home and free returns for 14 days.


What is special in our Smart Home?

No drilling, no wiring or site inspection

You probably heard of smart home, connected home or home automation, the  system that allows you to control your home from a single device. For years though, while these systems were ‘cool’ to have, they were expensive to install and complicated to run. ZHOME is different, we partner with some of the leading smart home brands to deliver smart devices that are affordable, easy to use and deliver everyday benefits and savings for everyday people.



Easy to use wireless technology

Our smart devices use the best home suited technology from Zigbee, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi technologies that allow you to see and control just about anything in your home from anywhere in the world using a smart phone App. And because they are open source, they can easily be integrated with your favourite voice controlled Assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant.

Feel secure and Connected from anywhere

Why pay high monthly costs for advanced home security when you do not have to. Our security devices will alert you to any intruder lurking outside your home and can identify an object from a person. Our security cameras come with built in facial recognition that helps you keep an eye on loved ones, or remotely unlock a door so that cleaning services staff can get in while you are out.

At ZHOME, we do not believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach and each system can be as simple or sophisticated as you choose it to be