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technology Partner!

ZHome offer the best Smart solutions for wide range of Businesses and different Industries.
We add amazing value for Real Estate Developers and make their digital transformation easy! Saving property managers time and money in operations, Offering Interior Designers and Furniture Retailers special services and partnerships. ZHome have The best products bundles and consultancy For Energy providers and mobile operators.


Real Estate Developers

Zhome offer Real Estate developers great value and opportunity to impress your customers and be differentiated from the competetion!


Not sure where to start with your building upgrades?

As your trusted partner of IoT and smart technology experts, ZHome can provide tailored consulting and offering complete E2E solutions to transform any new or existing building to Smart home.

 Offer your customers NOW

Differentiated Modern Home Experience with Future Proof value and ease of use.

Ready Smart Home packages customizable to their preferred platform ( Apple, Android..) integrated in their new or existing Apartment and Villa

Dedicated team of Experts offering 24/7 VIP support and consultation

Special offers and discounts from ZHome shop for any new product purchases to upgrade their homes!

Aerial View of a Suburb

Property Managers

Z Home offers Property Managers the best Software and Hardware solutions to Increase your property value, Improve your customers experience and save money while you operate! Giving the whole community great experience.

We offer complete solutions for Smart mobile Access, Energy management, Voice Control, security solutions, Water management and Smart Devices control in the property.

Your Residents can customize their smart apartment to their lifestyle while Property Managers can monitor and control the energy usage in vacant units and the building common areas. One seamless connected, contactless experience for owners, managers, and residents.

Modern Housing Complex

Interior Designers

Add little Smartness to your project and excites your customers.

Z HOME offers special Partner Program to Interior Designers. Offering Complete Smart Home systems that adapts with different apartments and villas designs.

Contact Us Now now to Join our Partner Program and enjoy Exclusive offers for your next Project!

Sustainable Energy

Utilities and Energy providers

ZHome support the Energy of the future!

At ZHome we believe in sustainable and clean energy for the future. We offer the best Smart Energy solutions for Utilities and Solar panels providers to save our customers Energy and bills at the same time give them the best home experience all year around!


Image by Vivint Solar